Thursday, May 16, 2013

How to get an auto loan with bad credit.

We all make mistakes in life and sometimes those mistakes lead to a poor credit rating. If you have fallen on hard times and your credit score has suffered, you may have heard the words "NO" one too many times when searching for a vehicle. Getting an auto loan with bad credit in Tulsa can be difficult. However, there are options available to you.

One such option is purchasing from a Buy Here Pay Here in Tulsa that offers guaranteed financing without the need for a credit check. Credit World Auto Sales located at 8102 E. 11th street (11th & Memorial) is one such dealership. The benefits of using a buy here pay here dealership for your vehicle needs are abundant if you have a bad credit score and need an auto loan.

Some benefits to using a buy here pay here in Tulsa

Credit World Auto Sales will not make you suffer through another credit check. All you need to drive away in a vehicle is an Oklahoma driver's license, paycheck stub, proof of residence, and a down payment of as little as $300. With these simple four items you can drive away today in a new vehicle. 

At Credit World Auto Sales we don't judge you based on a preset standard defined by the credit reporting agencies. Instead, we understand that times can be rough and things happen. That doesn't mean you don't deserve to have a vehicle. We setup simple payment plans based on your pay dates. This means payments are scheduled to be made on your pay date. This makes it easy for you to get back in the habit of paying your bill when you receive your check, and ensures that you will be able to pay on time.

We trust our customers and want everyone to have the capability to own a vehicle. Don't let poor credit or bad credit get in the way of having reliable transportation. We will help ensure that you are able to make it to and from work, with a vehicle that is reliable and designed with a payment plan that works for you.

Don't struggle with unreliable cars or public transportation in Tulsa

Don't get bogged down with bus schedules, Tulsa Transit, or an unreliable vehicle. Instead, own a vehicle of your own with Credit World Auto Sales easy and hassle free purchasing process. If you live in Tulsa or the surrounding area and are looking for a the perfect bad credit auto loan center, Credit World Auto Sales is the place for you.

Never hear NO! again. Our sales staff would love to help you out. Stop in and see us at the YES address:

8102 E. 11th street (11th & Memorial)

Or give us a quick all on the YES line:


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